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How to use, Supported devices, etc.

Deliver a gallery of photos and videos of a special event on the same day.

Deliver a gallery of photos and videos of a special event on the same day.

By utilizing the camera and AI, realizes "immediate delivery" through supporting the workflow.

Shooting & Transfer




Photos and videos are automatically transferred while you are shooting, and utilizing AI you can efficiently select images for delivery. You can also apply your preferred style of photography at once, helping you to create impressive works of art with sensitivity, saving you time and effort in editing. You can easily create a story-stile online gallery and deliver it to your client while the memories are still vivid.

Visual Story

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How to use, Supported devices, etc.

Main features

1. Shooting/Transfer

Automatically transfer photo and video from your camera to your smartphone

Photos and videos you shoot is automatically*1 transferred to your smartphone using the camera's background transfer, which allows you and your client to instantly make image selections on a mobile device. In addition, ratings from the camera are also reflected.

How to import images into Visual Story

Import via wireless

Import via wired

Import from smartphone

*Only proxy videos in XAVC S HD format are supported.

**In case of wired connection, you can import images via SD card/USB mass storage/USB tethering. Importing videos via SD card reader/USB mass storage is only supported for Android.

2. Selection

Smart, fast image selection with AI assistance

By utilizing the metadata of a camera and AI, you can efficiently narrow down the images on your smartphone, so you can quickly select the delivered images.

Timeline view and Event view

Visual Story provides a variety of View screens making it easier to locate specific images by time or by event. Visual Story provides a timeline view and event view so that you can find the desired photo or video quickly and efficiently. You can sort images on the time axis and display each event such as ring exchange, cake cutting, and first dance, so you can find the specific image instantly and efficiently.

Choose images using a variety of filters

You can narrow down a large number of photos using a variety of filters based on AI, Eye AF and other focus position information. You can sort your photos by rating or by camera, extract photos with eyes closed, or filter them by items such as tableware, cakes, or jewelry and so on, through object detection. You can also choose only photos and videos used in a Live Gallery or those with likes. These functions will greatly assist in selecting your images in different ways. You can also choose only images used in a live gallery or those with likes. These functions will greatly assist in selecting your photos in different ways.

3. Edit

Apply edit presets automatically to multiple images at once


By simply registering an edit preset prior to shooting, you can automatically apply the preset to all photos to save time and effort in addition to maintaining a consistent look throughout the entire shoot. Effects can also be adjusted for individual photos later.

Trimming and editing videos using “Shot Mark” feature

Shot Mark

The shot mark put on the camera body*4 can be displayed on the app, and the video can be trimmed with reference to the shot mark.

4. Instant delivery

Deliver a Story Gallery immediately after the event

You can easily create a Story Gallery with the APP, which can be delivered instantly on site. You can create only one gallery in the world that combines not only photos but also videos.

This also allows you to embed your logo, social media information and more directly onto the images within the Story Gallery - making it easier than ever to brand and market your services, especially when your client shares the images on various social media platforms.

5. Download

Download images and slideshow movie

Your client can download all of the images in their Story Gallery at one time as well as download a slideshow movie created from a combination of photos and videos, providing multiple ways to relive those precious memories.

6. Real time share

Share a Live Gallery to remote participants during an event

Live Gallery function lets you share a photos and videos gallery in real time even while you capture images during an event.*2 It uses AI to automatically select appropriate photos through image analysis*3, allowing the photographer to focus on shooting. Viewers can enjoy the photographer's best shots no matter where they are. In addition, viewers can add "Like" to their favorite photos and videos. The photographer can also use those liked photos and videos later to help create the final selection of photos and videos to be delivered to the client.

For remote participants

For remote participants

Remote participants can watch photos and videos of the decisive moments during the event in real time, so they can feel more immersive.

For in-person participants

For in-person participants

Participants at the event in-person can engage in the event while watching photos and videos taken by professionals in real time, so they can enjoy the event even more.

7. Final delivery

Data transfer of selection information to final delivery

You can simplify the final delivery process as the ratings and selections made while creating Story Gallery can be downloaded as a transferable XMP to other applications on a PC.

8. Multi-device compatibility

Through cloud collaboration, galleries can be created and synced on multiple mobile devices, including tablets, for easy viewing.


Use Case

Instant delivery is value added

Visual Story is perfect for a variety of events such as weddings, parties, corporate events, and more. It is ideal for any situation where there are many photos and videos taken that need to be delivered instantly.


Corporate Event

School Event

School Sports



Client's voice

What Photographers are saying

  • “I’ve always wished something like this existed so that it could add value to my wedding business and clients. The best part about this app is that now I can have a gallery for a client to show them while we’re still AT the wedding. That gives me an additional service that I can offer and adds more income as a professional wedding photographer. Without a doubt I will be using this app in the future.”

  • “Speed in delivery is king these days. Clients always want images within a day or two max. With the gallery it makes it fun and simple to get images online in a nice presentation before the wedding is even over. I’m 100% looking forward to using Visual Story for my weddings in 2021.”

  • “The app can cut down my editing time and allow me to deliver images to the client during the wedding or right after with ease. On a timely note, many weddings right now have been paired way down in guest count or even turned into elopements. The release of this software is perfect timing as our couples try to navigate how to keep everyone safe and still celebrate their marriage.”

  • “The app was very easy to use, with the in-app setup instructions clear and simple to follow. It worked smoothly with Wi-Fi and the ability to create and send a gallery of edited photos in real time will save time in my workflow and impress our clients. I’m looking forward to adding the Visual Story to my 2021 wedding workflow.”

  • "The app is pretty simple and straightforward. It’s useful not only for wedding work, but for event photography as well. Same day edits are an upsell that I offer anytime I shoot weddings and events, and having the ability to do it quickly via the app will help me maximize my profits while making my clients happy. I will definitely use the app anytime that speedy deliveries are a priority for the client.”

What brides are saying

Sony surveyed 400 Brides in U.S. who have a wedding or plan to have a wedding.

Online survey, Feb.4 - Feb. 10, 2020

Q. Would you be interested in Visual Story?

(Show the bride a story gallery image)

Not interested


85% of the brides showed interest.

Q. Are you willing to pay for this service?

Not willing to pay

Willing to pay

97% of the brides showed interest of paying for the service. Average price was approx. $260.

Visual Story

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How to use, Supported devices, etc.
  • *1 ILCE-7M4 is the only model that supports automatic video transfer.
  • *2 Photos can be viewed for about twenty four hours after an event.
  • *3 AI performs image analysis to automatically detect and exclude those photos from the Live Gallery such as any dark images, blurred images, and similar images at short intervals.
  • *4 ILCE-7M4 is the only model that supports Shot Mark.
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