Mobile Applications

Imaging Edge Mobile

Application that allows to transfer still images/videos to a smartphone, enables remote shooting, and provides location information to images captured by a camera.

Imaging Edge Mobile is an application that succeeds PlayMemories Mobile.

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Movie Edit add-on

Movie edit application* that allows gimbal-like image stabilization without gimbal and enables intelligent framing.

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For Professional

Transfer & Tagging add-on

Application* for professional sports and news photographers that speeds up the workflow of transferring still images (JPEG). "FTP background transfer" and "High-speed tagging/captioning" are available on your smartphone.

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* Add-on mobile application for Imaging Edge Mobile

Desktop Applications


Application that performs precise remote control using live view and allows high-speed image transfers.

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Application that allows you to browse shooting images, edit ratings given at the time shooting, and apply edits result with "Edit".

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RAW development application that can perform high-quality image quality adjustment in cooperation with the camera.

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online function for Imaging Edge

Synchronizes setting data created on mobile devices and Windows/Mac between devices via the cloud.
Online function that supports timely and secure work production by saving the time and effort needed for re-entering setting data of individual users.

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