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How to use, Supported devices, etc.

For professionals who instantly deliver on site - Provide speedy deliveries anytime and anywhere without the need to open your PC/Mac.

FTP background transfer*2


Delivery to server via FTP transfer

Main features

1. Focus on shooting - Transfer still images to your smartphone associated with the camera function

Using the FTP background transfer function*2, you can transfer all/selected still images to a smartphone or tablet while shooting.

2. Quick tagging function that supports captioning (IPTC metadata*3) to still images

Voice input*4

Hands-free high-speed captioning possible with voice recognition.
The voice input results are learned and used to improve speech recognition*5.

Caption Glossary

Create and synchronize Caption Glossary

Adding words for captions to Caption Glossaries in advance enables faster captioning. Caption Glossary can be created on a PC/Mac, as well as on the application. You can add a large amount of words to Caption Glossaries on your PC/Mac in advance, using its big screen. At a shooting site, you can use synced glossaries on Transfer & Tagging add-on.

Create Caption Glossary

Shortcut function

By calling out the pre-registered words in the Caption Glossary with a shortcut, words that are easily misspelled can be entered speedily.

Still images / Voice memo

Conversion of voice memo into text


Automatic conversion of voice memo into text*6

This function imports voice memo added by the camera along with a still image and automatically converts the memo into text and appends it as a caption. Using with the automatic FTP upload function, which starts the FTP upload of images sequentially as they are given captions, you can deliver images without manually operating the application.

3. Various functions including presets which allow faster and more reliable delivery

Up to 50 IPTC Metadata Presets can be registered. As the appropriate IPTC metadata can be immediately called out according to the subject, high-speed and reliable tagging/captioning is possible.
You can also register FTP upload presets created with the Transfer & Tagging add-on in the camera’s FTP server settings.*7
Also, you can resize, compress, and crop still images according to your usage when delivering your images via FTP.

Download on the App Store
GET IT ON Google Play
How to use, Supported devices, etc.
  • *1 This application is add-on mobile application for Imaging Edge Mobile.
  • *2 In order to use this function, it is necessary to update the camera with the latest software. For supported cameras, please see here.
  • *3 IPTC metadata consists of digital image metadata attributes, as standardized by the IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council).
  • *4 The application's voice input uses service provided by Google. In case the service is not available, you cannot use voice input. Please use keyboard input.
  • *5 Improvement of the speech recognition rate is applied when English or Japanese captions are inputted.
  • *6 If Google services are not available, you cannot use the function. Voice Memo exceeding 50 seconds cannot be converted to text. For supported cameras, please see here.
  • *7 For supported cameras, please see here.
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