Imaging Edge membership

With an Imaging Edge membership, the following functions are available.

  • Transfer & Tagging add-on
  • My Page
  • Manage/Edit account information
  • Manage/Edit devices using online function for Imaging Edge
  • Notifications about your camera
  • Library function

Registering a Sony Account* is required to join an Imaging Edge membership.
* If you already have a Sony Group account (Sony Entertainment Network account, etc.), you can use the same sign in ID (email address) and password.

Library function

Securely manage the setting data created by individual users on the cloud and synchronize between multiple devices in real time. Re-entering information/data can be avoided.

Synchronize Caption Glossaries

You can create/edit Caption Glossaries used on Transfer & Tagging add-on using a PC/Mac or smartphone.
You can enter a large amount of setting data on a large screen of a PC/Mac, and the synchronized setting data can be used in your smartphone at a shooting site. This makes the preliminary work more efficient.

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