Clicking "Download" button will download all three applications (Remote, Viewer, and Edit).

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Composition adjustment (grid, guide, live view)

You can fine-tune your composition using a grid, guide, and overlay display.

Focus adjustment (area specification focus, magnified display)

You can perform precise focus adjustment efficiently by using area specification focus, magnification display and fine-tuning with manual focus.

Enabling efficient image selection by linking with the "Remote" and "Edit" functions.

  1. 1. The result of shooting image can be quickly displayed by working together with "Remote". It also enables you to check the shooting image by using grid and guides.
  2. 2. A list of image data such as RAW and JPEG is displayed. Using "Viewer", you can select images to be used for "Edit" to develop RAW images.
  3. 3. You can output rating information in compliance with XMP (Adobe compatible).

You can browse and check shooting images in three display formats.

High-quality RAW development adjustment function

  1. 1. You can adjust the image quality such as brightness, hue and white balance.
  2. 2. You can adjust the image quality of ARQ-format images generated by Pixel Shift Multi Shooting and develop them into TIFF, JPEG, or other formats.

Pixel Shift Multi Shooting

In "Pixel Shift Multi Shooting," the camera shoots four uncompressed RAW images while shifting the image sensor one pixel at a time. You can generate images with a higher resolution than is possible with regular shooting by combining the four RAW images on a PC/Mac using the Imaging Edge (Remote/Viewer/Edit) application. This is helpful when shooting still subjects.

Flow of Pixel Shift Multi Shooting

Create time-lapse movie

You can create time-lapse movie* using still images (RAW/JPEG) captured during interval shooting.
Convenient functions for video production such as batch adjustment of RAW still images, BGM and subtitle insertion, and 4K video output are available.

* PlayMemories Home must be installed to create videos. Download PlayMemories Home here.

Clicking "Download" button will download all three applications (Remote, Viewer, and Edit).
How to use, Supported devices, etc.
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