Imaging Edge Mobile Plus is an app specific to ZV-1F.
How to use, Supported devices, etc.

Main features

Connect your camera to your smartphone for image transfer and remote shooting

Transfer images from your camera to your smartphone

Connect your camera to your smartphone when initially turning on the camera enables you to easily transfer still images and videos you shoot.
You can also transfer images from a turned-off camera or automatically transfer all still images as you shoot them.

Use your camera or smartphone to select images to transfer

You can transfer images and videos by selecting them on a large screen of your smart phone or by filtering them by rating or Shot Marks on your camera.
You can also cut out and transfer the scenes with Shot Marks.

Remote control function that allows you to shoot images from your smartphone while viewing a live view

You can modify settings and release the shutter while previewing the image on your smartphone and check the image after shooting.
Remote control is useful for taking a selfie or shooting a night scene because you do not have to touch the camera.

Configuring your camera from your smartphone

Configuring your camera from your smartphone

- Automatically enter initial settings for the camera (Date/Time, Device Name, etc.) from your smartphone
- Add location information acquired by your smartphone to the images on the camera as you shoot them

Checking camera information from your smartphone

- Check the remaining capacity of the battery or media on the camera
- Easily access the camera's help guide and other support information

Imaging Edge Mobile Plus is an app specific to ZV-1F.

How to use, Supported devices, etc.
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Max num. of projects
Project is an unit to manage images transferred from the camera. You can create/delete projects within the maximum number.
Num. of gallery deliveries
The number of times to deliver story gallery. You can edit the story galleries after delivery.
Max num. of images in gallery
The maximum number of images that can be displayed in a story gallery.
Num. of live gallery creations
The number of times you can share your live gallery. A live gallery is a function that enables you to distribute your photo gallery in real time.
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